Begin with the end in mind. Take joy in the journey.

To reach your life goals in work and play, begin with the end in mind. Then discover the prize in the pursuit.

Learn Faster

Learn faster, save time and remember more

Eliminate Stress

Eliminate study stress and anxiety

Improve Results

Improve your results and learn with purpose

Transformative learning in Six Simple Steps

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I have distinctions for most modules now.
Minette Cronje
Veterinary Student (Pretoria, South Africa)
I accelerated the speed at which I learnt, but most importantly, my retention increased.
Waldo Steynberg
Data and Analytics Lead (Brisbane, Australia)
This is a faster, more effective way of learning.
Nicka Engelbrecht
Occupational Therapist (Port Elizabeth, RSA)

What’s included in the course?

Transform the way you learn with the Mastery Study Strategy

Six Simple Steps to learn faster, eliminate study stress and improve your recall.

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Weekly study: 1–2 hours
  • Complete course: $12 per week (What’s included?)
  • Save 25% if you pay up front!

The course creator

Professor Ignatius Gous

Author and researcher Professor Ignatius Gous works in the mind, brain and education sciences. Driven by the conviction that effective learning hinges on the mastery of meaningful living, he helps the learner to determine not just how to learn, but also to answer why they learn – and who they are.

Customise the Mastery Study Strategy for your organisation

Improve retention of knowledge.
Increase examination pass rates.
Increase team member happiness.
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