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Discover the Mastery Study Strategy

Six Simple Steps to empower you to learn faster, eliminate study stress and improve your recall.

Always begin with the end in mind. Are you looking to:

  • Shift professions?
  • Sharpen your existing skill set?
  • Future-proof your career?

The FutureSharp Mastery Study Strategy enables you to:

  • Learn faster, save time and remember more
  • Eliminate study stress and anxiety
  • Improve your grades and learn with purpose

Immediately apply what you learn to your existing course material.

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I have distinctions for most modules now.
Minette Cronje
Veterinary Student (Pretoria, South Africa)
I accelerated the speed at which I learnt, but most importantly, my retention increased.
Waldo Steynberg
Data and Analytics Lead (Brisbane, Australia)
This is a faster, more effective way of learning.
Nicka Engelbrecht
Occupational Therapist (Port Elizabeth, RSA)

The course

  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Weekly study: 1–2 hours
  • Complete course: $12 per week (What’s included?)


What are your dreams worth? To reach your goals in life and living, in work and play, always begin with the end in mind.  

Enhance retention and application of what you learn.

Learn to master not just your subject, but learning itself. Because learning is vital at every phase of life, whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills, shift professions or future-proof your career in the ever-evolving world of work.

Enjoy transformative learning.

Learn with purpose and look beyond short-term objectives, stressful binge studying and quick fixes – to bigger goals and better reasons. Goals like landing your dream job. Reasons like living a life of meaning.

Spend more time on living.

Study while working – and still enjoy time with the people that matter and the activities that energise you. It’s all possible with the Mastery Study Strategy.  


The course is divided into 10 weekly modules. Take a look at the syllabus breakdown below for an idea of what to expect.    

Course contents

When would you like to start?

Start today and work at your own pace. 

We recommend that you complete the course alongside your studies, so that you can apply what you learn immediately in your regular study sessions.

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What’s in it for you?

  • Master effective learning habits and strategies.
  • Learn faster, remember longer and understand better.
  • Reduce anxiety and remove stress from your studying process.
  • Recall information for long periods of time and easily apply it to new problems.
  • Improve your personal study sessions by applying what you learn immediately.

What do you need to complete the course?


  • You will need one to two hours per week, over a minimum period of 10 weeks. 
  • By immediately appling what you learn to your existing study sessions, you’ll find you work smarter, and not harder.

Subject matter

  • Someone wise once said: “It’s not what you know; it’s what you use of what you know.” 
  • To this end, you will need a subject of study while you complete this course. There will be a weekly opportunity to apply what you’ve learnt to your scheduled study session.


You can complete this course using any device that has internet access. We also recommend that you keep a notebook at hand to write down your personal findings. (Find out why in “The beginning: Start your journey” – available to try for free.)

The course creator

Professor Ignatius Gous

Author and researcher Professor Ignatius Gous works in the mind, brain and education sciences. Driven by the conviction that effective learning hinges on the mastery of meaningful living, he helps the learner to determine not just how to learn, but also to answer why they learn – and who they are. 


Course developers

The Mastery Study Strategy was designed and developed in-house by the FutureSharp course development team. Additional programmes to support you on your lifelong learning journey are coming soon. 

What’s included?

The Mastery Study Strategy is based on solid scientific inquiry and shaped by key questions around identity and meaning. And at the same time, it’s practical – with easy-to-use techniques tried and tested by real students in real-life learning situations.

  • Life-time access to the course
  • Includes videos, quizzes and recommendations for further reading and viewing
  • Certificate of Achievement upon completion (available to download and print)
  • Premium access to FutureSharp live community events and information
  • Membership of an exclusive community of people passionate about mastering meaning learning – for life!

Learning format

Learn at your own pace

  • Each module consists of at least six lessons, with reading time indicated, and activities and quizzes easily visible to help you track your progress.
  • Lessons consist of a mix of short videos, reading, audio, quizzes and regular practical activities.
  • Lessons can be paused and resumed at any time.

Experience progress immediately

  • Apply the concepts you learn as you are introduced to them.
  • Use your chosen subject and your scheduled study session to apply the Mastery Study Strategy.
  • Discover which step makes the biggest difference in your personal study process – differences like better use of the time you spend studying, improvement of what you remember, or a lack of anxiety for deadlines?

Get visual guidance

  • Orientate yourself and review your progress in the module overview and the course wayfinder.
  • Receive badges as you complete modules and your Certificate of Achievement upon course completion.
  • As you finish a lesson, view the lesson completion bar to see how far you’ve come.

Try Week One for free

Discover how the course will benefit your personal study strategy by trying the first module for free.

Start your journey to:
Remembering and applying more of what you learn
Transformative learning and landing your dream job
Spending more time on living
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